Planning 101

Any successful project requires successful planning.  You would think that given the sophistication of our industry, proper project planning would always be on the forefront.  But more often than not, this is either ignored or becomes a hurried exercise prior to bidding and building the project. Budgets and financing typically don’t have a line item for “thoughtful consideration”. But in most cases, simply doing your homework and setting up the project properly will save time, money and anguish.   


Here are a couple key components for successful planning.

First, define your project goals.  Are you saying to yourself? Sure, we do that! We define goals, then our designer translates those into a clear vision, right? Well surprisingly, in many cases, that’s actually not good enough. Once the stakeholders are established, they must define a clear set of goals. So clear in fact, that they agree not to change their minds later in the game on anything, but essentials. Then these goals are translated into a deliverable design, developed while accepting cost effective deliverables by both the stakeholder and designer together and without any whining. OK, maybe a little whining.. Spending the time to create simple clarity will produce amazing results.

Lastly, when translating those deliverables, make sure you have someone on your team that can easily translate this design into a scope of work that makes economic sense and gives the contractor a document they can understand, price appropriately and deliver successfully.

Everybody wins..

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