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Seemingly every policy group has ideas how to solve this crisis. There is no sales pitch when providing solutions to a crisis affecting communities globally. Do whatever it takes to increase safety and wellbeing. 


Our idea is radical. Supply a cost-effective solution that provides the simple dignity of shelter, security and hygiene, individually or with families. Engage government and corporate sponsors to create LMH villages, where people can find refuge and plan their futures away from living on the street, in tents or dormitories. 


Our solution will deliver transitional housing at over 20 to 1 cost savings, based on our patented design for prefabricated living module inserts. Once the LHM unit is setup, living modules can be simply maintained, replaced or upgraded in place without replacing unit, and at a fraction of the cost.


No more prolonged city planning, funding shortfalls, negotiating tax breaks with developers, local opposition to permanent residence, and ridiculous construction cost. These villages will be embraced and branded by corporate sponsors who will partner to underwrite LMH units individually or whole neighborhoods, while the construction, assembly, and maintenance will be undertaken as local work program.


Check out our Business Action Plan! 

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