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LMH Shelters by Ecobaun

The current homeless crisis is affecting thousands in the US and globally. And one of the most powerful tools in combating homelessness is making available low and no-income housing to provide basic amenities helping people get back on their feet.

We started this journey by studying, then discovering better options for the public response to homeless and housing needs. Our simple transitional housing is designed for cost, durability and periodic module replacement.

People with little to no income are difficult to qualify for affordable housing yet pose the most risk to the state and local government for support and cost. Providing simple transitional housing reduces overall government cost and impact.


The LMH (Lay My Head) Shelter is a uniquely designed portable housing unit.  The LMH is a hardened steel shell with prefabricated “living modules” inserted end to end. This prefabricated design guarantees quality, lowers unit cost and allows simple maintenance and unit replacement as necessary. The LMH shelter is simple and reliable transitional housing for affected people.

LMH offers several available floor plans and insures safety, privacy, bed, toilet, shower, sink, kitchenette and highspeed internet. The LMH can be connected to local utilities or can as required.     


Our program will create LMH villages placed anywhere housing and shelter is required. Ecobaun intends to distribute the LHM at cost to organically grow these villages. In addition, we will supply housing to other applications emergency relief and other transitional housing needs.

The LMH meets basic housing needs and can be deployed quickly and without limitation. 


It is now possible to provide the same mission critical design requirements for hardened shelter, privacy, bed, bath and communications at a fraction of cost and regulation of current housing programs.

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