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LMH Shelters



LMH Shelters

The LMH (Lay My Head) Shelter is a uniquely designed portable housing unit.  The LMH consists of a hardened steel shell with prefabricated “living modules” inserted end to end. Our unique prefabricated design guarantees quality, lower unit cost and allows for maintenance and replacement as needed.   


With several available floor plans, the LMH shelter offers safety, privacy, bed, toilet, shower, sink and internet communications. The LMH can be connected to local utilities or operate as a standalone with solar utilities.  


It is now possible to provide the same mission critical design requirements for housing including hardened shelter, privacy, bed, bath and communications at a fraction of the current housing program costs.

The LMH shelter is simple transitional housing with unique prefabricated "Living Modules" inserted into the hardened shell. The LMH provides affected people simple transitional housing. The LMH meets basic human needs necessary for individual reintegration.  

The LMH shelter can be deployed individually or in "LMH Urban Villages". Check out our LMH summary sheet for more information.  


The LMH Shelter makes sense, will save lives and provides a valuable tool to address inexpensive and reliable housing.  

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LMH Shelters