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LMH Shelters 




When you’re on the street, it doesn’t matter what your home looks like. What matters is having a home.


The current homeless crisis is affecting thousands in the US and globally. One of   the most powerful tools in combating homelessness is making available low and no-income housing to provide basic amenities helping people get back on their feet.

The LMH shelter supports all program design requirements for low and no-income housing challenges. The shelter's  prefabricated living modules are reliable and easily replaced for maintenance or floor plan upgrade without replacing the entire shell. And LMH living modules have flexible design for specific client needs.

The LMH shelter can be used individually or in higher density (Urban Villages). Check out our LHM overview to learn more about the LHM urban villages.

The LMH effort is intended to get affected people into a safe shelter. All profits from LMH go back into the manufacturing and distribution to grow this effort organically into a housing movement that will transform and save lives.   

Contact us with questions and for more information regarding  LMH Shelters. 

We are looking for sponsors to raise funds needed for the first production prototype. if you are interested in supporting this effort, you can go to:



PDF Program Summaries (below)