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LMH Shelters 




When you’re on the street, it doesn’t matter what your home looks like. What matters is having a home.


The LMH is simple inexpensive transitional housing. The LMH low delivery costs allow flexibility when planning required housing and critical support services. LMH offers scalable, safe and reliable housing. 


The LMH shelter supports all program design requirements for low and no-income housing challenges. The shelter's  prefabricated living modules are reliable and easily replaced for maintenance or floor plan upgrade without replacing the entire shell. And LMH living modules have flexible design for specific client needs.

These shelters are designed to be deployed in any area with minimal hookup requirement, or as a standalone when utilities are unavailable. The LMH shelter can be used individually or in higher density (urban villages). 

Being homeless affects a community. Support solutions should be scalable and reliable for long term use but with a transitional understanding. 

Contact us for more information on the LMH shelter. 

PDF Program Summaries (below)