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LMH Housing

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Homelessness is the condition of lacking stable, safe, and functional housing. The general category includes disparate situations, such as living on the streets, moving between temporary accommodation such as family or friends, living in boarding houses with no security of tenure. It also includes people who leave their domiciles because of civil conflict and are refugees within their country.


The challenge is offer reliable housing providing basic amenities, to help people get back on their feet.


LMH Housing Program

  • Safety

  • Lowest cost per unit.

  • Meet local housing standards.

  • Easy maintenance with individual module replacement. 

  • Designed for long or short term. 


We studied inherent issues hampering low and no-income housing cost, land use, delivery time and reliability. LMH provides safety, privacy, bed, toilet, shower, sink, kitchenette and highspeed internet.  

Uniquely designed prefabricated “Living Modules” .  Living modules come in a variety of sizes and room layouts.  This design ensures high quality living space that can be easy replaced for maintenance or unit upgrades.


LMH units are  installed individually or part of a LMH village. The villages can be quickly assembled wherever housing is required. LHM can also be stacked as 2 story housing increasing density with a minimal footprint.


LMH is high quality low cost housing with fast delivery and setup. As an example, a 32-unit LMH village fits into a 40’ x 110’ footprint and takes about 10 days to setup. (Check out our animation)

Working with Cities  


Ecobaun  works with city planners for unit placement and hookup. We then deliver and assemble the LMH village complete.  We work with local facilities management to train system operation and maintenance.  



LMH provides mission critical design requirements a fraction of current housing cost and regulation.

In addition,  we are working on corporate sponsorship programs as  a viable source for underwriting villages. Through direct corporate sponsorship, the LMH village is “branded” on behalf of the corporation. Branded villages are part of companies internal volunteer programs promoting a commitment to the community.  

LMH housing is simple and reliable transitional housing. Our design and program will save lives while reducing overall government cost and impact. We  work with clients to provide total package cost.  



We will grow LMH villages organically and provide wide area distribution. Our lower cost and ease of delivery will make the LMH a natural choice for housing.

Our core belief is to preserve the dignity and security of affected people. LMH housing will revolutionize the approach to low and no-income housing.


  • Safe, reliable housing critical for successful reintegration into common routines.

  • Scalable and readily deployable. Housing can be provided closer to affected areas.  

  • Living modules provide same design requirements for typical housing programs i.e. hardened shelter, privacy, security, bathroom, bed, storage, desk and communications. 

  • Delivered at a fraction of current housing delivery costs.

  • LMH prefabricated living modules allow for maintenance unit replacement.   



LMH Housing Program

LMH 4 Module Housing Unit

LMH 4 Module Bath and Shower

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