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When you’re on the street, it doesn’t matter what your

home looks like. What matters is having a home.

The LMH is a fresh alternative for safe and reliable housing, getting people off the street and into a safe productive environment, critical for successful reintegration into common routines, holding down jobs, etc.  


Low and no-income housing should be transitional, scalable and readily deployable. When the housing can be provided closer to affected areas, it contributes to individual success and safety.  


The LMH provides safety, privacy, hygiene, communications and storage. The LMH allows individuals and families, the platform required for transition back to a normal life.


Each living module supplies the same program requirement for typical housing including hardened shelter, AC, privacy, security, bathroom, bed, storage, desk and communications. 


LMH is delivered at a fraction of current housing delivery costs. Once the shelters are setup, the living modules can be maintained or replaced without replacing entire shelter. 

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